About MyFolio

We give you access to a wide range of funds, but choosing which to invest in isn't always straightforward. Standard Life Investments' MyFolio range of funds makes it easier by giving you three investment styles (MyFolio Managed, MyFolio Market and MyFolio Multi-Manager), and five risk levels (I-V) to choose from. Each one is designed to produce the best possible returns for the level of risk chosen.

The MyFolio Managed and MyFolio Multi-Manager Funds also include a range of income options. These focus on creating income, for example through equity dividends, bond yields and property rental income.

For more on MyFolio, download our customer guide (PDF, 572kB).

You can access your investment information via our online servicing.

Watch Standard Life Investments' fund manager manager, Bambos Hambi, introducing MyFolio

Latest MyFolio Updates

Here you can find updates on MyFolio funds. You can download our PDF documents to get the latest information on each fund's performance, risk level and historical data – helping you decide if the fund is right for you.

The following information relates only to the Standard Life Investments' MyFolio mutual funds. For pension fund factsheets, please see our fund range.

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Remember, as with any investment the value of your fund can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in.

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