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Retiring in paradise

Considering retiring abroad? You'll need to think about your finances as well as the beach.

Pension freedoms

Changes that came into place in April 2015 have opened up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to your pension options.

Expert insight from Standard Life Investments

Standard Life Investments provide a range of insights into global markets and investing.

Read Standard Life Investments weekly economic briefing

Standard Life Investments' market views include the latest insights, strategy and observations on the forces that are affecting clients' investments. In this section, Standard Life Investments examine the issues that are driving the global economy and world stock markets. Standard Life Investments also provide guidance on how our clients may benefit from changes to financial markets and the factors that drive them.

Global spotlight

Global spotlight

Global spotlight is a short topical article on different themes in the financial markets written each month by senior fund managers, analysts and members of the strategy team at Standard Life Investments.


Market review videos

Standard Life Investments' Head of Global Strategy Andrew Milligan presents market reviews, a quarterly summary of the House View.


House view - global economies

Standard Life Investments' Global Strategy team provide regular analysis of the key economic data that has been influencing financial markets. The Macro digest takes a detailed look at the global economic issues that have been impacting our investment strategy.


House view - Investments

The House View process provides a consistent macroeconomic framework to analysing global financial markets. It creates a clear forward-looking strategic direction for all of Standard Life Investments' investment decisions.

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